Old Friends

Written by

Michael Baber

Directed by

Morris Abraham


Party Out


On Your Toes

Old Friends is the 11th episode of Season 8 of Kids Incorporated and 137th episode overall. In this episode, Haylie's old friend Casey visits; and appears to be developing a crush on her.

Plot SummaryEdit

The episode begins with a performance of "We Got a Love Thang".When the song ends, we then discover Flip has been busy coming up with a town clean-up project; when a friend of Haylie's named Casey comes to visit for a planned rollerblading rematch; and upon learning Haylie was unable to make it, decides to handle sign-up duty ("Every Heartbeat").

Following the song, Casey then offers to buy Haylie something to drink, causing the other to wonder whether Casey was starting to develop a crush on Haylie. Casey then asks Flip (working on his "clean machine") for advice on how to get a girl's attention; while the object of his budding affection enters the P*lace for an impromptu "rehearsal" ("Save the Best for Last"). Instead of a rehearsal as it happens, Ana and Nicole attempt to convince Haylie that Casey sees her as more than just a friend; something Haylie is unconvinced of until Flip brings Exhibit A (Casey's note); leading to "Under the Spell".

Haylie's daydream ends just as Casey arrives in a suit (that he borrowed from his father); with Haylie attempting to break it to Casey that she would prefer it if they settled for just being friends (though not completely shutting the door on anything else potentially developing from it); leading to closing song "Real, Real, Real".

Kid Cast Edit

  • Nicole Brown - Nicole
  • Jared Delgin - Jared
  • Kenneth Wesley "Kenny" Ford Jr. - Kenny
  • Anastasia Horne - Ana
  • Haylie Johnson - Haylie

Adult Cast Edit

  • Sean O'Riordian - Flip


  • Matthew Fields - Casey

Dancers Edit

  • Charon Aldredge
  • Brian Friedman
  • Jennifer King
  • Danielle Marcus-Janssen
  • Tony Perrin


  • "We Got a Love Thang" (CeCe Peniston cover; performed by Haylie, Kenny and Ana)
  • "Every Heartbeat" (Amy Grant cover; performed by Haylie and Kenny)
  • "Save the Best for Last" (Vanessa Williams cover; performed by Casey and Haylie)
  • "Under the Spell" (Kids Incorporated original; performed by Haylie, Kenny, Jared and Ana)
  • "Real, Real, Real" (Jesus Jones cover; performed by Ana, Kenny, Haylie and Jared)


  • Haylie sings lead in every song in this episode
  • Nicole didn't sing in this episode. She is also the only member who didn't sing lead in "Under the Spell" and "Real, Real, Real".