Season 6 of Kids Incorporated ran in 1989-1990 and reran in 1990-1991 on The Disney Channel. Robin replaced Connie and Ryan, and Flip replaced Riley. The dancing cast members named Joseph Conrad, Kimberly Duncan, Leilani Lagmay, Tiffany Robbins, and Cory Tyler will get replaced by the next dancing and musician cast members named Brian Friedman, Jennifer King, Charon Aldredge, Danielle Marcus-Janseen, and Tony Perrin and Stacy, Devyn (who replaced Renee) and Richie (drummer) (who replaced Gloria) will get replaced by Haylie, Ana, and Eric in the next season. Kenny (who replaced Kid (the Kid) in the previous season)'s still a keytarist.

Dancers and MusiciansEdit


  • Dancers and Musicians played on 4 keyboards named "Oberheim Matrix-6" (1985-2000).

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